Cloning drill-down cards

When you create a new domo card using the 'save as' of a previous card, it is possible to retain all the associated drill-down views for that card as well? It appears that when you 'save as' it only replicates the primary top-card.


Similarly, it is possible save a drill-down view of a card as the top level of a new domo card?

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    @carlosdomoslim Ah! I've figured it out. You have to use the 'save as' feature when you're NOT in the card analyzer - then it will save all the associated drill-down visuals with the copied version.


    I was using the 'save as' feature when I was in the card analyzer, and in that case, it does not save the drill-down visuals to the copied card. 


    This will save me LOTS of time! Thank you!


  • 1) Using 'Save As' should preserve all layers, including drill-downs

    2) It is not possible to save a drill down view as a top level card

  • Hm, when I complete 'save as' of an original card, the saved as version does not seem to include all drill-down views. I even tried 'save as' without changing the name of the card in case that was preventing the drill-downs from being copied, but even with the same card name, the drill-downs were not copied. Am I missing something?


    See attachments for examples.

  • 1) Just to make sure, did you 'Save As' after you saved the drill downs in the original?


    Can you try deleting the new card and doing 'Save As' again?

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