NULL Values

NULL Values seem to cause some confusion. 


First, when filtering on a field that has a NULL value and you select that as a filter, it does not provide any results. Secondly, when adding fields, where a NULL value may exist, it won't necessarily add together, but rather provide a NULL result (10 + NULL = NULL). I have seen this in both creating dataflows (primarily the latter example) and in creating cards. I know there are workaround to map NULLs to 0s or using case statements in beast modes, however I'm wondering if there is something else out there to make this simpler? 

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    Great question. You're already on the right track. Using a data flow or beastmode in this case is certainly your best bet. 


    This article describes two different ways to address NULL values with a beast mode:


    Giving a value to a null field


    Let me know if you have any further questions about the methods outlined in the thread above.