Two or more Fields on Summary

How can i show show two or more Fileds value on "Summary Number"?


I tried creating a calculated Field to include 2 or more fields however it shows really weird format on the card i.e. without comma for Numeral values and large font size.


See attached Screenshot of one of the cards. 

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  • When you concatenate values together MySQL treats them all as text. That's why you lose the automatic formatting of numbers that Domo usually does for you.


    You would have to format the number as a string with the commas inserted in the correct spots and then concatenante together. This will be tricky to do based on how the length of the number varies. You should be able to do something like this:


    CONCAT('Total quote premium: ', 

          CASE WHEN LENGTH(`Total Quote Premium`) = 6

                THEN CONCAT(LEFT(`Total Quote Premium`, 3), ',' ,RIGHT(`Total Quote Price`,3))

          WHEN LENGTH(`Total Quote Premium`)=7

                THEN CONCAT(LEFT(`Total Quote Premium`,1), ',', SUBSTRING(`Total Quote Premium`,2,3), ',',

                    RIGHT(`Total Quote Price`,3)) . . . END



    You would need to have cases that support each of your possible number lengths. The above snippet only handles items in the hundreds of thousands and millions. Hopefully this is enough for you to get the idea.

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  • Thank You. However,this looks very complicated and it does not resolve the issue with the font size. i wish i had something more easy and simple.

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