Publish Updated Existing App from CourseBuilder to Domo

Each time publishing the updated App to Domo created a new App in Asset Library. Then we have to delete the old App and recreate the related cards from the new App.


Since updates on custom App in CourseBuilder are happened often, the is it possible just update the existing App in Asset Library instead of create a new App, and the updates can be automatically relayed to the connected cards? 

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣

    I would also like help witht this. I noticed there is a version history for an app but I am unsure of how to update an already exsiting app when publishing it. 

  • @amyc


    Can you have a look at this?


    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

    Dojo Admin
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  • Currently the CourseBuilder functionality doesn't allow you to make updates and have them automatically update in the card. You do have to manually export the updated app from CourseBuilder, open it in the assets library, and then create a new card and delete your previous one.


  • @amyc  That is terrible!  Why is there a vewsion history when the maximum number of versions is 1?  I just found a spelling error in one word, and can't make that change without redeploying and finding and replacing anywhere people have placed the app...and they also lose their progress?  


    Domo - Let's think this through and fix it.  

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