Color the Page Flip Arrow on CourseBuilder App

The multiple-page courseBuilder App has arrows to direct one page to another page. But the color of arrow is difficult to see. Is it possible to improve the visibility of the arrows by a more obvious color?  

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  • SamHoward
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    Easy fix, @Wenling_Zhen. Just go to the Customize App tab view for your app. There you can change the background image or color to create more contrast between the UI and the background. In addition, you have the option to adjust your UI colors to create better contrast. 


    Hope this helps!

  • SamHoward
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    Hi @Wenling_Zhen,


    Indeed, in this case, changing the Color Theme of your UI buttons won't help in this situation. And CourseBuilder doesn't currently offer the ability to customize the color of the dormant vs. rollover state of the navigation arrows. Based on the screenshot you sent, the only solution here is to change or adjust the background image so that it creates sufficient contrast for the nav buttons. 


  • @SamHoward


    More feedback on Course Builder.


    Thanks @Wenling_Zhen for the idea!




  • Thanks Sam for the information!


    However, the issue on this case is not from contrast of color. Attached screenshot is an example for your reference. The color theme is blue and orange which have a obvious contras. The first screenshot is at the regular view, the arrow is not very visible. The second screenshot is when hover the mouse on the arrow, the arrow shows clear orange color. Is there anyway to make the arrow obviously visible at the regular view? 

  • Thanks Sam!!


    That works! (Attached screenshot FYI). 

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