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Not sure if this may have already been submitted and I'm just unable to find it, but many Domo users, like myself, are still learning about MySQL along with the ins & outs of Domo. The members of the Dojo Comunity as well as Domo Support always go above and beyond in the assistance they provide to explain the solution for those of us who are not as advanced.


With thats said, I believe something that can really help "newbs" would be if Domo could provide the transform and query info, as it would be written in MySQL, when we create an ETL so we're able to better follow and ultimately understand what the ETL is actually doing.


I'd guess that this capability might already be available, just a matter of how to export that, and where, so we're able to view and learn from it to improve our skills and be able to write actual MySQL querys and transforms over time.

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