Concat percent sign (%) after a beast mode calculation. Syntax Error



I created a BeastMode calculation to create a basic percentage value. However, when I try to enter the formula into a concat it give me syntax error. 



count (`Have License`) / count (`Total Users`) * 100


Does Not Work

Concat ( count (`Have License`) / count (`Total Users`) * 100), `%`)

Best Answer

  • Valiant
    Valiant 🔵
    Answer ✓

    Give this a shot:

    CONCAT( count(`Have License`) / count(`Total Users`) * 100, '%')


    Might've been the % was enclosed in ` instead of ' 


  • Looks like you need to add a ( before your formula.


    Try this 

    Concat ( (count (`Have License`) / count (`Total Users`) * 100), `%`)

  • Oh, that was just a typo. Sorry. The formula works, I just cannot get the "%" to concat to that formula 

  • You were right! Thank you so much. Worked like a charm. I will have to look up when to use backquote vs regular single quote 

  • You'll want to use the tilda (`) anytime you're encapsulating a columnname present in your dataset. You'll use the single quote (') when you are enclosing a string. In your case, you're adding a string '%' to the end of your calculation.


    Hope that helps