New Card Type: Prior Period Bar Chart

Need: Be able to show a prior period on a grouped bar chart next to the current period

Current workaround: Shift dates forward a year in ETL or BM calculation to have CY and PY fields

Suggested idea: Add a chart type that allows you to specify the type of comparison that you are looking at comparing. The card would have a drop down of whether you are comparing previous Days, Months, or Years and would allow you to select multiple years ie would be able to have a grouped bar chart that shows FY 17,18,19 in one group on the series or for a month level view would have period 10,11,12 together then in the next series have 11,12,1 together etc.


With the current ETL/Beastmode workarounds you need to have a lot of knowledge on exactly how these transforms are structured otherwise they do not function properly or the card can be arranged that makes the data read incorrectly.

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