Filters on Calendar Week

We have Weekend Dates to be filtered for viewing Sales, But Business is used to filters Like between June Week 1 & Jun Week 4.

In Domo, I saw we can filter on Dates, I have modified the weekend date to be that corresponding month & week number, But with this option Dates get converted to string, and they dont get to see "In between" Weeks filter? Is there a way we can modify Weeks to get "In Between" filters?

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  • JPB2018
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    Are you using the date as your X axis as well?  If thats the case you can default the date option to "last 12 months" or whatever general time range is appropriate for you, but then make the string date field the x axis.  If you want to keep the label Jan, Feb, etc just make a case statement that sorts them back into the right order and use that as your sort.   Hope this helps, otherwise your only other option might be to use WEEKYEAR which would be logically the same but may look unfamiliar to your users.