abiliity to add record number to table cards

It would be really awesome (and seems like it would be really easy) to add the ability to show the record number on table cards.  Maybe a setting in the general chart properties section?


I know I can create a "rank" column in the data in the workflow... but we need the ability to have domo dynamically display the record number because we need the ability to filter on dates, reorder based on the volume in multiple columns, and still display the record number.


Useage example: We like to rank our loan officers based on the loan volumes (we are a mortgage bank).  We like to display the top 100 loan officers.  Our executives need to be able to change the date range (MTD, YTD, etc), and while it is easy to figure the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. record... if they want to see who #50 is... there really isn't a way to do it other than manually counting down from the top.


It seems like adding record number should be a fairly straight forward thing.




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