Better control over what filters apply in Drill Paths

Drill paths can be exceptionally powerful, especially when switching between 2 data sets.  Only problem is EVERY filter used on the top including the date filter.  Ex.  I want a view of my sales data filtered on a specifc product line for the last month.  I want the abilty to click on any sales order and drill down to a card that shows the lot numbers used to make that part sold to that customer.  The only way for this to work is if the next data set has all 3 fields named exactly the same, product line, invoice date and sales order id.


Since I am trying to relate sales data to manufacturing data, I won't have invoice date or product line as a shared field.  I suppose I could make my date field generic and rename it in the card, but my raw materials are used across idfferent product lines so that will never work.  


Idea: when creating a drill path, give the card creater control over which core filters are applied to the next card. 


The one work around I have found is if you convert the filter to a quick filter and do all the filtering on the quick filter side, it does allow you to view and remove the filter from the next card.  However, that creates 3 poor user experiences. 

  1. They have to view a lot of irrelevant data in the filters making it harder to use 
  2. As a card creater I have less control over preventing people from using the card in the wrong way
  3. Now when I drill, I have to remember which filters I have to remove before I can see any data

Similar to turning quick filters on and off, would be amazing to be able to pick which core/quick filter would apply (including date) to the drill path card.  Or as a quick alternative, simply inform the user of what filters were not applied because they did not match and allow data to display.  Very frustraing to drill and see no data and not understand why.  Would be nice to have a more graceful handing of this error. 

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