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I created a card using the period over period chart type that shows the year over year numbers as bars and the percent change as a line.  I have run across an error when the prior year number is a negative and the current year number is positive, the percent change calculated is a negative even though the change is an increase. Since this is a defualt calculation in the card I am unable to correct this.  Can it be changed to make it an absolute calculation?  

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    I was able to replicate that behavior as well. From what I can tell, the only way around it would be to use a line/bar chart, manually calculating your variance and build in a case statement for if your previous period is negative. If it is, this its the variance of the absolute value of the previous period compared to current + 100%, otherwise it's the standard variance calculation of (Current/Previous) -1.


    Definitely seems like there should be an option that would handle those cases though on the PoP card.




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  • SEC
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    Thanks for the suggestion.  I'm also going to submit this to Domo help to see if it can be fixed for the POP card.

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