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I am in the process of building a dashboard of our ticket system. One chart I would like to make is a chart that shows general types of ticket and their volumes. To keep things simple I would like to reduce the number of different ticket types in the dataset from 30 to about 5. Now I know there are multiple ways to do this (lookup tables, beast mode calculations, MYSQL statements etc.)  however I would like to hear from yourselves what method will save me future headaches and is the easiest for me and my colleagues to maintain.


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    If the categorization grouping is something that is going to be used in several places and not just one card, I would recommend doing this at the dataflow level. This way you have one place to make changes if necessary and you can also carry these groupings through to other datasets as you make them in the future. 




  • I assume the the reverse holds true (i.e. if the grouping is used on one card, build it into the card)?

  • My approach of reducing to fewer categories using SQL statement(case when and wild card).


    Like mentioned, you need to build it at the dataflow level so that you can add it to the filter panels.



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