Workbench - Watch File function for network files

The Workbench watch file function is awesome. Very quick updates without the need to run jobs needlessly hundreds of times a day.

The problem is that it does not work on network files. There is a desperate need for something at least similar if the same is not possible.


The fact that I cannot tell my users: "Yes, the data is updated", but instead I have to go: "Wait 15 min to 1 hour and the data will definetely be updated" is a key problem we have to increase adoption.


At the moment 95% of our dataset come from Excel files, all but 2 are network files. I have as many jobs are our WB PC can handle running every 15min but some are relegated to 1 hour. 


Something like, check if a file has been modified every 5 min and only then run the job would probably be good enough.

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