What formats should DATETIME DataSet import columns be in?

I am planning on using StreamAPI to import data to a DataSet.


For the column definitions of the DataSet, it appears it should be STRING, DATETIME, DECIMAL, etc... 


What is the standard format or approach to importing "date and time" column data?  I have not seen any definition of that in the documentation.  I assume I should be setting the column to DATETIME.


A value of "18-07-2018 07:49:09" (javascript moment() format of 'DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss') doesn't seem to import anything.  And I get no error messages or complaints back from the Stream API.



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  • user04324
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    It appears that "2018-07-18T13:49:09.000Z" is parseable.  For me, generating that in javascript as