Confirm when changing Workbench 3 job settings between Create / Append / Replace

I use a mouse with a scroller wheel, and every now and then rolling the wheel while using Workbench 3 causes my job setting to change. I'm pretty sure that when I open a stored job it automatically puts me into that dropdown menu, so if I don't click on something else before I scroll my mouse wheel (which I don't even realize I'm doing), it change my job setting.


More then twice I have discovered that I accidentally flipped a Replace job to an Append job -- you can imagine what that does to my data when it doubles itself.


There needs to be a callout when a job is run that acknowledges that this setting has been changed. Just as we have to confirm a schema change before uploading, this field needs an extra check and balance.


Another thought would be to change the color of the text -- example 'Create New Data Source' has a blue font, 'Replace an existing data source' is green, and 'Append to existing data source' is red -- that way I would be able to see with clarity that the color I'm expecting to see when I go to run this job has changed. Not as foolproof as a callout, but could be helpful.


Please make some positive changes to this menu. I have been using Workbench 3 since its release and have learned a lot, but still manage to make this stupid mistake with surprising frequency. 

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  • @alexpeay can you please take a look at this?

  • Robyn,


    We have a major release of Workbench coming later this year and it will include many UI enhancements. One that I think will help here is that changes to the job are not instantly saved, rather you will notified that a job has changed and then have overtly 'Save Job' before the changes are persisted to the server. 


    I will reach out to you when the release has been completed and see if this satisfies your needs for this request.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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