Why does the iOS domo show up on the "Call blocking and identification" section on settings?

trafalger Chicagoland, IL 🟢

Got a new phone and was setting up "Truecaller" which is great for identifying spam calls. 


While doing this I realized that Domo was listed in there as well - what's the reasoning for this? image

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  • Valiant
    Valiant 🔵
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    So... just spitballing here. But as users can setup their phone numbers on their Domo profile. I bet if you turned that on, and one of the numbers called you, it would then use Domo's name for the person on your phone as the ID.


    But that's purely a guess


    I'll be interested if you find out more,




  • whoffman
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    We have tested this and it does appear to be the case. Unknown numbers get scanned through your instance and if found appear as 'Domo: Person's Name'  on your callerid.