How to show Monthly vs YTD Comparison Chart?

Hi all,


I am looking to create a chart showing  a comparison between Monthly and Year To Date numbers for Actuals and Forecast


Thanks in advance

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    Some of this will depend on how you have your data setup (mainly whether you have already have a YTD column totaling your actuals and forecast through each month) If you don't have that, you'll need to add those two columns ahead of time. 

    So your data may look like this:



    Once you have that, youll put your Month column as your X axis, your two YTD columns next in your Y axis and then your two Monthly columns. It might look something like this:



    Finally, with the Line + Grouped Bar chart type selected, go to the General tab and set Series on Left Scale to 2. 


    That should give you the chart you're looking for.





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  • Could you provide a bit more information about the chart(s) you're wanting? Currently I'm assuming you want to show Monthly Actuals vs Monthly Forecast and YTD Actuals vs YTD Forecast. Are you wanting that combined somehow in 1 chart or are you looking instead for 2 separate charts?




  • You are right, I need both these comparisons in the same chart

  • Do you have a preference on chart type? Ie, 2 bars for Monthly, 2 lines for YTD using a Bar + Line graph?

  • Actually, anything should do, till the time it is showing two comparisons vividly 


    So a chart showing

    - Actuals vs Forecast Montly

    - Actuals vs Forecast YTD


    Please suggest if it is possible to achieve this in DOMO



  • Hi,


    I have been trying to get the YTD and MTD values in DOMO SQL with NO SUCCESS




    The data looks like above, Kindly help me in achieving YTD and MTD Values


    Thanks in advance

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