Does anyone have the Beast Mode with HTML code to include an up or down arrow into a card?

I need to create a header that displays some text (users don't always click on title for descriptions) . In order to have the beast mode availalbe to select as a header, it needs to have a calclation included. I was able to get it to work by adding sum(0+0), but 0 shows up in the text. I tried using IFNULL, but then nothing shows. What is the html code to use to make sum(0+0) appear in white font which would make it "disappear"?

thanks for your thoughts!!


CONCAT('<div class="big_number_option" style="color:#525859; margin-top:-4px;
,' Grey shade indicates wkly data is in future releases or N/A '
,' <br> '
,' Total row will not equal the sum of the parts due to',' <br> ' , 'mix of industry sales and growth rates vs LY '
,' <br> '
, sum(0+0)
,' <br> '

,' </div>' )


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  • cwolman
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    The beast mode below should help:

    concat('<div style="color: green">Your text here</div>','<div style="color: white">',sum(0+0),'</div>')


    This case statement will display an up or down error or nothing based on value of the revenue field.


        when sum(`revenue`)>0 then ' &#8679; '
        when sum(`revenue`)<0 then ' &#8681; '
        else ''





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