Please add details to the warning dialog when moving a Card to a new DataSet

When you move a Card to a new DataSet, Domo checks that the target DataSet has the same columns and data types as the original. If everything patches, you get an "everything looks good" message but if there's a mismatch, you get a "uh-oh" message without any details. The test screens below illustrate the difference:























The warning is helpful because it stops you from breaking the card. But it's not that helpful because it doesn't spell out what exactly is wrong. As far as I can tell, any of these issues raise the yelllow flag:


  • A column name in the original DataSet is not found in the target DataSet. This comparison is case-sensitive, which seems weird. Domo isn't case-sensitive, is it?

  • The data type of one or more columns doesn't match.

In the good news column, the data type check is at the strictest level. As in, it distinguishes amongst Domo's three NUMBER types. Since I have the details handy, here are the Domo types for reference:


NUMBER (internally, these are broken down into DECIMAL, DOUBLE, and LONG.)


Anyway, it would be great if Domo provided a comprehensive list of all of the probems to make the issues easier to clean up. Rather than clutter up the screen automatically, there could be a link for more details, etc. Or, even a DataSet comparison tools somewhere in Domo. Yes, you can write such a tool with the API (I've done that), but the API doesn't provide all relevant details for the Card as a whole and most people aren't going to be able to jutstify the time to write a custom tool.



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