Please allow Beast Modes to be mapped to full columns when changing a card's DataSet

We like Beast Modes because they're a quick and easy way to experiment and add features.


We don't like Beast Modes because they're hidden. They're associated with a card or DataSet, but there's not visible cue to indicate they exist, there's no central catalog or viewer, etc. They're also invisible to the DataSet API, so there's no way for us to figure out where calculated columns exist.


I expect some of the above limitations will improve over time, but here's a simple one that could help us out: Let us map a Beast Mode to real columns when we switch DataSets. Imagine we've got a DOW Beast Mode for Day Of Week. Now imagine we've built a new DataSet that already calculates a DOW column. What happens if you switch DataSets? Domo creates a new Beast Mode named =DOW, leaves your DOW column in place, and charts based on the Beast Mode. Domo's default behavior here seems right to me, but it would be nice to have an option like:

[ x ]  Map Beast Mode columns to standard columns, where found.


Something like that. With that option selected, the idea is that the =DOW Beast Mode would not be created and the real DOW column would be used instead.


Thank you.

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