Control how Dataset Fields are shown in Analyzer

Inside the analyzer fields should be shown and orgnaised by business definition and not developer definitions. KPIs should be categorized by the business definition, rather than Dimension and Measure. I would like to request a feature where dataset creators have control over how fields are shown inside the analyzer.

For the purpose of the example, I will call it 'Presentation'


If 'Presentation' is disabled (by defuault). Inside the Analyzer it will show as it is currently (as in 'domo-nopresentation.png).

If 'Presentation' is enabled it will give you the option of:

  1. Creating folders and subfolders and placing the fields inside them.
  2. Renaming the fields.
  3. Maybe even modifying the colours of certain fields (but they are blue/green by default).

Thus inside the analyzer it would show one section with a 'Tree view' - inside this tree view dimensions will still be Blue and Measures will still be Green and show the dataset.


To be clear, the definition inside the 'Presentation' tab would only dictate how it is shown inside the analyzer, nothing else.

No changes to the datasets are made and the columns are not physically renamed inside the dataset.





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