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First some background...there are 6 Jobs that I need to run in Workbench every day.  The source data becomes available at different times and I need to manually format the sorce files for all 6 before upload, so I can't set a daily time schedule to automatically upload.  The last of the 6 uploads triggers an ETL to run, so although that Job needs to run last, the order of the rest is arbitrary.  Currently it's a big waste of time and effort to manually run a Job, wait for it to finish, then run the next.

My question is - is there a way for me to set a Schedule or Schedules in workbench so that I can manually run the first Job, then use the completion of that Job to trigger the next Job, and so on untill all 6 Jobs are run?


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    The Workbench DataSet Job Group Wizard (Tools->Schedule) will generate a batch file as part of the schedualling process.

    The batch file rusn the selected jobs in sequence which is what you need.


    So create a schedule wiht the jobs you need. Go to Task scheduler, disable the task and check where the batch file is located.

    Modify the batch file to make sure that the ETL trigger jobs runs always last.


    Executing the batch file will then trigger each job, one after the other.



  • I don't know of a Workbench solution so I'll ask a different question. How intensive is the manipulation? Is it the same repeatable step (Ex. Report comes over with the top row being blank and some totals and you remove them) or does it differ everyday? What's the high level task you have to manually do?

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.  The manual manipulation is minimal.  Waiting for each upload to complete so I can start the next is a larger time waste than setting up the input files.

  • Nice! Didn't know that, has that been around for a while?

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  • This worked beautifully, thank you for your help!

  • Here is the step-by-step process for anyone else who may have a need to batch-run Jobs in a specific order.

    1. In Workbench, make note of the Job Number for the Job that must run last
      1. Expand the Job
      2. Click Logs, and choose the last date on which the job ran
      3. Look for [job:XXXX] where XXXX = Job number
    2. Create a new Schedule
      1. Click on Tools, Schedule
      2. New Scheduled Group, Next
      3. Enter a name, check off included DataSet Jobs, Next
      4. Modify Schedule (this opens the Windows Task Scheduler)
      5. Expand “Task Scheduler Library” folder
      6. Click on the DomoV4 (or current version) folder
      7. To allow manual-only running of the batch, click on new scheduled task, in the right pane click “ê Disable” under “Selected Item”
    3. Edit Batch File
      1. In the same window, click “Properties” under “Selected Item”, new window pops up
      2. Go to the “Actions” tab, make note of the file location in “Details” (clicking on “Edit…” allows you to copy the path), which should look similar to this: C:\ProgramData\Domo\Workbench\Groups\
      3. Also make note of the name of the batch file, which should be a long string of characters ending in “.bat”
      4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to that path
      5. Right-Click on the batch file and choose “Edit”
      6. Find the Job that triggers the ETL run (the file that must be uploaded last) and move that Job’s line to the end of the list.
    4. Execute Batch File: Double-click batch file to run manually, this will complete all specified Jobs in the specified order.
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