BigQuery Connector Permissions

I'm trying to make a BigQuery connector work for some app analytics data. After I set up authentication and a query, I get the following:


Domo is ready, but BigQuery returned the following error: Access Denied: Dataset *dataset name*: The user *user name* does not have bigquery.tables.create permission for dataset *dataset name*


Why does domo require create permissions to pull data in? The tech team I'm working with is hesitant to pass out write permissions. What can I tell them?


  • Jarvis




    My guess, would be that Domo is 'creating' reports based off of metrics found within the API. For instance, the Netsuite connector can import data based off a 'Search ID', for a report created outside of Domo. So nothing is being created there, outside of the preview for that import. However, other connector types will offer pre-registered fields as varying report names, which I can imagine would require 'write' permissions to create the report itself.