Warning: This DataSet is behind schedule.

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A lot of my datasets are flagged with an orange triangle stating the error " This DataSet is behind schedule. Try running it manually.". My issue is that the data is fine. Workbench has updated without issue for the data sources and on time. I have compared the data in DOMO with the data sources and its correct. I have attached a picture of what I am seeing in an example dataset.


Why is DOMO flagging this error and how do I stop it as I feel like I haven't built something correctly.


Thanks in advance.



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  • cwolman
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    This scenario is because the data is older than the scheduled refresh of the data.  We pull data hourly from a system that only processes transactions in winter months.  The workbench job still runs every hour but the data has not changed which in this case is expected.  Once that system begins processing again in November the warning will go away as the dataset has changes.


    You can ignore the warning if this is what you expect or you could try changing your update schedule to more closely match the behaviour of the data.