Create 'same' drill path for multiple cards

Does anyone know of a way to create drill paths for multiple cards formatted the same way? I have several cards with similar data (same column names) and would like to create a drill path table for all of them, but would prefer not to do it 20 times. Thoughts?

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  • ST_-Superman-_
    ST_-Superman-_ 🟀
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    If you create the drill path on the first card, and then use the "save as" feature as you are replicating the card, the drill path is copied as well.


    I am unfamiliar with a way to replicate a drill path once the cards have already been made without a lot of manual work.

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  • jlazerus
    jlazerus 🟑

    Hi, I tried this on a card where I created the drill patch but it did not save the drill path card.

  • jlazerus
    jlazerus 🟑

    Actually, I just tried the same exact thing again and it worked. Weird. Either way, thanks!

  • AndreF
    AndreF βšͺ️

    We put in an enhancement request to have this functionality.Β  it woudl definitely be a time saver.Β  No solutions yet but if any ideas please share.

  • PhilD
    PhilD βšͺ️

    This is huge issue that makes me wish I never had to use this platform. Making changes to 20 different card's drill down views, when each is identical, is really not the type of work I want to be doing.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @PhilDΒ  is there a way you could avoid having 20 of the same card by maybe using filter cards in your dashboard?

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