Export Cards and Pages to Word

Offer the ability to export cards and pages to MS Word while filtering for data selected in page filters (preferably for all OSs).

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  • Hi, check this link   https://knowledge.domo.com/?cid=domoword.  I have been using the beta to publish cards in Word that need to be send out weekly.  I can just refresh the card weekly in Word and send it out.  It was extremely helpful since the card had a lot of detail that was difficult to read in other published formats.  

  • Hi @SEC,

    There are several issues I have with the beta. The main ones being that it doesn't support Mac and that I am unable to import table-cards into Word (which have to be built from scratch).

  • I have run into the same issue with tables.  My work around for now is to print the tables to pdf and send them out that way as a seperate attachment to the word doc in an email.  Not the greatest, but it takes care of what I need to publish for now.  

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