In Table cards, need to set Alerts on cell data, not just summary number

I am using the Table cards to create sections of a timeline. The table powering it is made up of strings, numbers, and dates, so I don't want to use the calendar layout, because it won't cover all the details that need to be tracked.


I want to set an alert based on a specific cell -- so if the value in 'ACTUAL MATRIX DELIVERY' date for 'Atlanta' changes, I get a  notification via Domo. Right now you can only Alert on a summary number in table cards, which is not something that correlates to this card. (See image below).


The goal here is to have users receive pings from Domo when the columns on a table-based timeline that they are related to have changed, rather than circulating a gigantic Excel file which is revised several times per week. I think Domo can definitely improve upon being a resource for this type of task. I know Domo has its own Task Manager, but that won't apply to this project because the table needs to stay in its format, rather than carving up all pieces into individualized tasks. 


If someone from Domo wants to see this use case in action, I am more than happy to do a demo to further illustrate this idea. Thans!



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  • You could achieve this affect by creating a dataflow that creates another Output table that only has two columns. One column that shows the detail of the column you would like to alert, and another column with the value. Then each time the dataflow runs, it will output any items that need alerts and you can set the alert on the 2 column table output. This would achieve the affect of alerts on a specific column.




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  • Thanks! This makes sense for me as the admin, but I'm concerned with my more basic users who just want to know if the card they have been watching is changing. 


    Hoping Domo can add alerting on the native table card, so I can use tables for managing projects among many people. 

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  • @mdeloreycan you please take a look at this?

  • @RobynLinden thanks for taking the call with me today. as i mentioned, we have some more granular data monitoring features coming specifically in regards to alert trigger criteria. the type of monitoring you're talking about here would be a natural extension of those features. keep in touch, and i'll let you know as the betas become available.

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  • While setting up alerts, visualizations such as line chart, there is an option of alerting if any item changes.  However the same option is not available while using a table. It says that summary number has to be created and all alerts are based on the summary number only. A feature similar to the line chart (shown in image below) is required for tables alsoline chart.PNG


  •  @snarayanane: Thank you for submitting your idea! The functionality you're asking for sounds very similar to this idea:


    I'm going to mark this idea as a duplicate. Please go upvote the other idea, and we'll get you involved in testing and early access for this feature as soon as it is available.

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  • Is there any update to setting alerts to specific cells within a table like highlighted a above

  • If someone from Domo sees this message can you give an update? The two Domo employees I see that have commented are no longer with the company. Also, the link to the "similar idea" just goes to this thread. 

  • I would also like to see the functionality to set alerts for tables. Some of the cards that I would like to get alert notifications for some specific field changes just doesn't make sense to create a graphical representation of the information for the sole purpose of the card to be able to activate the alert functionality as there would be over 100 columns. 

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