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Is there a way to set the column type of while you are creating the column in mysql? I have a column that I am creating based on a date (Min Cust Svc Start) and a comparison to another date (1/1/2015).  I want "Min Cust Svc Start 15" to be a datetype column; however, it is defaulting to text.  I know I can change it in alter tab but am wondering if there is a way to change it in the query below (while I am creating the field)?  Also, am looking for guidance on which is the preferred method...


select tc.*,
WHEN `Min Cust Svc Start` < '2015-01-01' THEN
ELSE `Min Cust Svc Start`
END AS `Min Cust Svc Start 15`
from `transform_cust_svc` tc

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    CAST(value AS type)


    For you that would be like 



    CAST(`Min Cust Svc Start` as Date)



    Depending on what your string data looks like you might have to do some formatting, but the CAST could be the one you want.

    Also str_to_date works great.  Format as necessary.

    STR_TO_DATE(tc.`Min Cust Svc Start, '%d/%m/%Y')


    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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