Adding values in PDP when the data does not exist.

I was trying to add some states to PDP and realised that these states didnt exist in the data. It would be great if we were allowed to add random values even if they didnt exist in the data. This way we dont have to put in dummy data in the dataset and then reload the data over and over again. 


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  • Not only with PDP, I'd like to do this with other things to such as building cards. Sometimes I know the dataset might contain a value in the future that i want to include or filter out but can't do it since it doesn't exist yet. This leads to me forgetting (since it would have to be a check frequently until it exists sort of thing) and the data not being what someone expects.

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  • @guitarhero23 True true! I kinda forgot about that part. This is very annoying to be honest.. however with filters i tend to set 'not in' or 'in'  depending on my dataset and depending on what i am missing and what i am not. Just for a FYI.

  • I agree!  I have a list of open PDP policies I check weekly to see if the previously unavailable values are now available.

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    Hi, I have a solution for PDP.  You can use the admin excel plugin to apply PDP policies and the values of the fields (and even fields) do not need to exist yet in the dataset. After installing the plugin, go to settings and enable the tools.  You can then choose manage - manage PDP policies.



    You will need the dataset ID, user or group ID, field name and value you want to filter on.  You can download a list of datasets, groups and users to get the IDs using the excel plugin (Export Domo Admin Data).


    Having used this to manage thousands of PDP policies on multiple datasets, I can tell you it works, but using IDs is the best way to stay organized and not get duplicates.  Once you create PDP policies, you will want to download all PDP policies and use the PDP policy ID to make any changes to existing PDP policies, else you might get duplicates or errors.  If you upload thousands of policies at once, excel will usually crash after uploading them and then trying to write out confirmations.  All the policies still work if you get to the write-out phase, you just will not get the confimation unless you go to the dataset in Domo and look at the policies or download all the PDP policies.




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    @jstan that is a great suggestion for this!

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