Forcing X-axis to populate missing dates

Hello Domo people,


I’m trying to display data from JIRA in which the X-axis is a series of dates. However there are several dates which have no data and as a result do not appear in the Domo data set. 


I’d like to include days that have no data so that the timescale is consistent. Is there a way to do this easily in Domo? I didn’t see any options in the chart properties. Perhaps if Domo recognized the values as dates it would fill the missing values in?


Would you recommend doing this with a dataflow? I've been playing around with some SQL statements, but it doesn't seem like a good fit.


I could do it easily as a one-off in Excel but as this JIRA data is dynamic I would prefer to keep the graph display dynamic as well.


Thank you for your help.

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  • jmo
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    @Jacob This should work out of the box. What chart type are you using?


    On the line and bar charts there is a feature called "Time Scale" which makes sure that zeros are populated whenever data is missing for dates. There is a chart option under the x-axis that allows you to turn the feature off (it is on by default).


    There is a chance it won't work if your dates are not cast correctly. Is your date in the date-grain dropdown?

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  • Hello jmo,


    Thank you for your response. I'm trying to use a stacked area graph. That looks to be my problem as I see the X-axis populated correctly with missing data if I use the line or bar types. It would be helpful if this difference was highlighted in some way.

  • i am currently using a line bar graph but do not see the "time scale" options. Please assits

  • Hi there!


    I'm trying to group my dates by week. I'm using this formula in beast mode:

    CONCAT(DATE_FORMAT(SUBDATE(`Date`,WEEKDAY(`Date`)-1),'%b %d'),' - ',DATE_FORMAT(SUBDATE(`Date`,WEEKDAY(`Date`)-7),'%b %d %Y'))


    Problem is, when I group like this, I lose the feature of showing 0 values for dates. Please help - thank you!

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