Unable to connect to SharePoint online

No matter what i try, I cannot establish a connection to my version of SP using any of the SP connectors. Over and over the error says my credentials are incorrect. My SP admin also tried inputting his credentials, but the error remained the same. Any suggestions?

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    We also had an unfortunate amount of difficulty connecting to SharePoint.

    We finally had to get in touch with our customer success manager at Domo, who connected us with Zack Cameron, Technical Solutions Manager at Domo.  He helped us get the file path right and some other configurations in order to get it working. We also had to reset our SP user password before it would work.

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  • We had the same issue and worked with a technical solutions rep to figure it out.  The issue was actually in the Sharepoint account setup.  We were connecting to a sub site in sharepoint and not the root and had setup the connector to goto the root of the sharepoint url ex: https://companyname.sharepoint.com/  but you have to goto the SharePoint Site root so we cut it a little short. It should have been https://companyname.sharepoint.com/sites/sitename/ in the accoun relative URL. Also make sure that when connecting to a SharePoint document, if you have spaces in your naming conventions use the %20 for any spaces.