Trying to calculate percentages for a group values

I am trying to calculate a percentage for each "Bucket".

Less than 0 days past due

1 to 15 days past due

16 to 30 days past due

31 to 60 days past due


I have each calculation and the formula works for each "Bucket" but I cant get them all in one beast mode calculation.  Here are my formulas:


WHEN `DaysPastDue`<= 0 THEN `TotalDue` else 0 end)/sum(`TotalDue`)


WHEN `DaysPastDue`>= 1 AND `DaysPastDue`<= 15 THEN `TotalDue` else 0 end)/sum(`TotalDue`)


WHEN `DaysPastDue`>= 16 AND `DaysPastDue`<= 30 THEN `TotalDue` else 0 end)/sum(`TotalDue`)


WHEN `DaysPastDue`>= 31 AND `DaysPastDue`<= 60 THEN `TotalDue` else 0 end)/sum(`TotalDue`)


WHEN `DaysPastDue`>= 61 THEN `TotalDue`else 0 end)/ sum(`TotalDue`)


How do I get them all under one calculation? 


Please advise. 

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    I'm going to assume this for a table card in my explanation, but you should be able to modify this fairly easily.


    Also, youre `TotalDue` field, I'm assuming this needs to be a constant value of all of the item due. If it's not you'll need to calculate that ahead of time and then have it repeat through your dataset, let's call the new column AllDue. This will allow you to return MAX(`AllDue`) at any point in the following calculations and reference all items due (not just a subset, which is what will happen going forward).


    So the first part is to identify the "Buckets". This could be the first column of the table:

    CASE WHEN `DaysPastDue` <= 0 THEN 'Less than 0 days past due'
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 1 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 15 THEN '1 to 15 days past due'
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 16 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 30 THEN '16 to 30 days past due'
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 31 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 60 THEN '31 to 60 days past due'

    You can then follow the same pattern when creating your percentage calculation:

    SUM(CASE WHEN `DaysPastDue` <= 0 THEN `TotalDue`
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 1 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 15 THEN `TotalDue`
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 16 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 30 THEN `TotalDue`
    WHEN `DaysPastDue` >= 31 AND `DaysPastDue` <= 60 THEN `TotalDue`

    That paired with the buckets beastmode will give you your values and series that you can use.


    Let me know if you have any questions on this,



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