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I am working in the Asia Pacific region consisting of China, South East Asia, and Oceania. We have different teams that work in each market


I really like using the map card because it is very visual. However, in the map card, Singapore and Hong Kong are treated very unfairly. In the image attached, you cannot see Singapore, until you zoom in very closely into Malaysia and you might be able to find Singapore


On the map zoomed out, I can find many smaller regions, such as Cocos Island, Timor Leste, Guam, Salomon Island, Tokelau but I cannot find Singapore or Hong Kong. 


Could I suggest adding in smaller countries? Thank you

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  • Anyone think this is a good idea?


    To regard smaller countries like Singapore as an actual country?

    It is kind of annoying that Coco island is considered a Country, and Singapore/Hong Kong is considered a 'city', considering Singapore has 10,000 times the population



  • Not sure Singapore is being considered a City, just geographically smaller so the bit that works out which country gets displayed might preference larger area countries.

    Regardless you could do one of too thing I think

    The easiest would to be remove the country names from the data labe, this should shorten the data label enough so that there is no overlap in labels and Sigapore should come up.

    The hardest one woudl be to get a custom map with a zoom box type thing for Singapore and Hong Kong

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