Can the dashboard be interactive for selection of data? Instead of opening in detail view.

I have a drill down pie chart which is placed in collection of page/dashboard. When i click on the pie chart it is opening in the detailed view without drilling dowm. I like to display the drilled data by selecting the data in dashboard insted of from the detailed view.

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    The functionality you're referring to is known as interaction filters and is currently in beta testing. 


    If I had to guess (purely personal conjecture) I would think we might see this being rolled out to production in the next month or so.





  • Hi, whats your scenario ...

    are you trying to create drill down (to detail data) from main dashboard based on the data you click ... please could you elaborate lit  bit ...



  • Yes, the scenario is similar. There is a pie chart card along with the other charts (cads) in the collection of dashboard/page. The pie chart is assigned with a drill path through which by selecting the data, it will navigate (drill down) to detail table chart. When i click on pie chart in dashboard it is opening in detailed view and from there i am able to drill down. The issue is i like to drill down to detail table chart from the dashboard with a single click on the data of pie chart.



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