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Dear DOMO team,

here is a suggestionn to think about:

Currently we are finding out how to filter "source" data (aka dataset) for bar chart in Design Studio.


In our example there are two selectros in the app, one filtered by the other (the first selector contains countries, e.g Germany, Austria, Czechia, the second selector should contain regions relevat for selected county, i.e. Sachsen and Bayern are shown in the second selector while Germany is selected in the first one, but not for Austria and Czechia) 


Current task is to filter "background" data created using Magic ETL that are used to display values in bar chart.


Our dataset includes several columns - country, region, wave, DataValue, DataProperty and so on. In the chart we need to show DataProperty vs. DataValue, but filtered by Region and Country selected in the two dropdowns mentioned above.


There is a possibility to filter rows in ETL, but using certain values from other datasets, but not from Design Studio Widgets as far as I know.


Hope I explained it clear.


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