Automating Multiple Imports

I am very new at using workbench so sorry if this question is too stupid to even consider.

Essentially I want to pull a report for a partition of data.

For example

select * from tables where GroupType = somenumber

Instead of creating a new job for every iteration of somenumber I was wondering if I can have Workbench automatically iterate through a list of numbers to replace for somenumber.

Alternatively could I just import all the data with something like

select * from tables

And then have DOMO split it up based on GroupType after it's uploaded?


Thanks in advance.


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    Why do you want different imports for different grouptypes?

    If you want to display charts with different grouptype values, you can bring in all the data and just filter the charts on your different grouptypes.  We do that ALL the time.

    It's much better to bring in large batches of data and filter on the card (or data security PDP) level. From a data manager perspective, managing lots of slivers of data would be an inefficient use of time and system resources.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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