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Hi there,

I am currently trying to create a P&L for our company, including positions like various sales categories, various expense categories (like personnel, cost of goods and so on). P&Ls have specific calculations in them for example Operating profit, EBIT, EBT, Nex income and so on.


It would make life way easier, if it would be possible to set specific sub totals individually within the card builder.




Operating profit = A+B+C




Currently, it is only possible to add subtotals within for example a cateogry, so there would be a subtotal for category A then one for category B, but there is so possibility to have a subtotal on A+B.


Furthermore, it would be great if you can move the subtotal to a position you want. example:

Catogry A = subtotal (account 1 + account 2) ->thats working right now

Account 1

Account 2


Category B = subtotal (account 2 + account 3)

Account 2

Account 3


Operating costs = subtotal (category A + category B)


Category C = subtotal (account 4 + account 5)

Account 4

Account 5


EBIT = subottal (category A + category B + category C)


I hope you understand what I mean.


Just a thought to make life easier for all table related cards.



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