Beastmode Help: Determine if order is <= $50,000

I've got a dataset that contains order data at the line item level.  An order could have 1, or many items.  I need to create a flag column that indicates if the total order value is <= 50,000. Would like to do this with a Beastmode if possible.


The unique identifier in this case is the order number, and the extended price is the column that contains the value for each item on the order that needs to be totalled to calculate the total order value.


Example attached.


Thanks in advance for your help!



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  • GTA



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    I absolutely get where you are going with the ask. In order to filter and search on that flag, I'd recommend that you run your dataset through a Magic ETL DataFlow and use a window function to partition based on the unique order number, like you mentioned. You can find documentation for that here-


    This will add on another column on your dataset that will tell you that total. Then you can build a simple case statement to flag based on that $50,000 rule. 

  • swagner
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    @GTA thanks again for the feedback.  I have inplemented the solution you offered.


    Here is a short video overview of how I implemented the Window function in case others want to see this in action.


  • Thanks for the quick reply!


    Really hoping to find a solution for this with a Beastmode.  Would be a much faster solution to implement if it's possible.

  • @DaniBoy wanted to be sure you saw how this turned out.  Thanks as always for your help.  Great seeing you in ATL yesterday sir!  Safe travels home, and please have a great weekend!

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    Great seeing you in ATL and thank you for making the drive down!


    This is great!!


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    You could use a Beastmode but it would not work unless you group by Order on the card (like the second box on you xls example.


    Case when sum($) > 50000 then 'Yes' else 'No' end