Custom Images in Table Card Loaded Into Domo Directly

I am trying to bring in an image into Domo so that I can use in building Cards.     I have created the Document Card with my image.   I am relatively new to Domo and having confusion as to opening the Developer Tools in order to proceed to the next steps of bringing in my image.


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  • I see. That makes sense. Let me clarify though, so in your example you would have the image of a cup that starts empty. As the metric number (ie: donations, sales, sessions, etc...) increases, the cup will fill up and will reach 'full' at some target number?


    This is creative. I wish we had a chart type that would do that already. There are radial charts that show the same data, but not in the visual way you are proposing.


    I can see two ways to get there. 


    1: Custom Chart. This will require thinking about it differently. Instead of a single number working towards a target you will need milestones. The cup image for the map would have regions that stack up to look like a full cup and the bottom region represents milestone 1. On top of it is another region that represents milestone 2 and so forth. Your data will have to have at least 1 row of data for each region and a value (maybe 1-100) that represents how full that region is. Once setup, each milstone will darken until it reaches 100 and then the next region will begin to darken.


    2: Dev Studio App. This option requires web programming skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript. You can create your own animations, interactions, and visualizations in a custom app. If you have resources that can work with web programming this is a fun and powerful way to create anything you want. 

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  • Hi @user01325, others have worked through how to hack an image from a document card. It works with some success but as it is not officially supported any changes to the Domo product may break those links. It is a better practice to have those images available through other means such as hosting them on your company server or using a service such as to host them and use their url.

    Former Domo employee you can find me in the Dojo Community here @n8isjack
  • Thanks for the suggestion.    My goal is to use a custom image in a card.   Similar to a Custom Map but just using a custom image to fill.   Like a 'Cup' as a simple example.    Would your suggestion work for this situation?


  • Yes, you captured what I am looking for.     Great Suggestions.    I will start with the Custom Chart idea and play with that.    Thanks for the creative thinking.

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