Delimiter to split the column data into multiple columns

I would like request DOMO technical team to provide an Delimiter option in order to split the column data into multiple columns. A predefined function wherein we provide the delimiters which may be of different like '_' or "-" or "&" or " " etc. Giving the user an option to enter the multiple delimiters as per their data availability will provide an scope to split the column into multiples as per the conveince of the user.


Example : -

1. Area Sales Manager - Australia - Talent Pool

2. Brand Manager - New Zealand - Talent Pool (1)

3. Marketing Analyst - Malaysia - Talent Community and so on....


Also adding to the above data is undefined length using Beast mode I could get only if the length of the characters is uniform and also writing a SQL is an option it is not a simple process.


Down the line in future this will help users to get the leverage to split the data in their required format. Providing a function either in DataFlow or in any other form will be of great advantage.


Raised the same in DOJO Day @ 09-05-2018, an revert has mentioned to submit the same in Idea Exchange.

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