How can you hide Business in a Box?

Hi, we'd like to hide "Business in a Box" for now. It doesn't hold our data yet, and it's confusing new users. How can we do this? Thanks!

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  • Valiant
    Valiant 🔵
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    We had the same concern and reached out to our account manager and they were able to help us hide it for our users. 





  • Thank you!

  • But how about for admins? It's driving me nuts and Domo Support refuses to remove it from our instance fully. I didn't have it before as an admin and because I reached out on behalf of someone else, now I have to see it on my page list! It's horrible and we have no need for it. Any intel on that?

  • As an admin, you will see Business in a Box. We have it removed for all other users. Our customer success team helped. I'd recommend reaching out to them. Good luck!

  • They did remove it for all users (thank goodness) but still shows up for admins. We don't want it! But yes, at least it is hidden for everyone non-admin.