Animation to run the Year on Year, Month on Month to show data in continuation

I would like to see an option in DOMO wherein we can plug in an animation model in which we can run the Visualizations from Year to Year or Month to Month continously with automated play in date format.


In historical data format this would be a great option as the visualization will run automatically and user will have a great view of the continous data and can make more insights based on the running of visualization.


Example :-

If a client has 30 years of historical data and they want to see the trend of data from Incorporation of company to YTD then this would gives us a large mixture of visualizations making the data look very clumsy. Providing an optiono to move the data continously; a auto play by draging a slider Year on Year or Month on Month will be of great help.

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  • I've seen functionality like this, but in a custom app.  You can do pretty much anything you want in a custom app.  You need someone to code it for you if you can't do it on your own, but Domo has provided the infrastructure.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • @SaiKumar


    I moved your post directly in to the Ideas Exchange as this is the best place to post new ideas.


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  • @DaniBoy - Thank you for giving it a thought and also posting it in Idea Exchange. 

    @AS - Thank You for the new insight about the Custom Apps, I will definetly give it a try and also see how welcoming the results.

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