Pre-Defining Business Year as per the user requirement and Year over Year option in Date Format

Hello DOMO Team,

                                  Every user will be doing business with different set of clients, few them work with their own defined Business years. It would be definitely helpful if we have an option to predefine the business year to track their progress.


Example :-

1. Client - 1 - Business Year Starts - January to Ends - December

2. Client - 2 - Business Year Starts - July to Ends - June

3. Client - 3 - Financial Year Starts - April to Ends - March and so on...


Providing an leverage to define the Start Month & End Month will give us the an option to the user to filter their required comparison months and also have a quick calculation as per the business needs.


* We do provide sepearate page to each business client, but their business is running in different countries. So, there is a possibility of Fiscal year defining as per the respective country regulations.

* We do have few clients whose datasets are combined & also it is the case of individual datasets too. Coming to size of dataset it varies from client. I can say that year over year the historical data increases and then this will be a task to showcase the Fiscal Year.


Summing up as per our multiple client requirements we need to showcase the data based on their respective fiscal year. Predefined column where we can mention the Start Month & End Month as per the user/client need will give more scope for analysis.

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