Show whole name of DataSets



When we use long name of Datasets ,  it's unshown whole name of dataset.


For example at Fusion and Choosing Datasets for Card, it's difficult to chose correct one.





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  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @mattchandler for review.

  • Edit:  Assigning to different product manager

  • Thanks for the feedback @KY—that's a great suggestion that would make choosing DataSets much easier. I'll put it on our roadmap for our development team.




    Matt Chandler
  • @KY would a hover state help in this case?


    We provide some additional context for the DataSet in the 'i' button but that requires some exploration into the details. Would a hover help or are you looking to be able to quickly scan?


    We do have some limits on the length we have in these tools, do you know how far out you have to go with your typical DataSet to get distinct?

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Has there been any updates on this?

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