Delete multiple cards

Would like to be able to delete multiple cards at once. Here are multiple examples from where it would come in handy:


  • when wanting to delete cards from a datasource in the card overview of that datasource
  • when deleting a collection, would be good to have the option to simultaneously delete all cards in that collection.



Rosanne Broersma
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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-43027.

  • @MitchyMitch8can you please take a look at this?

  • At the same time, it'd be great to be able to view statistics on cards from within the admin view (in a table layout, for example). For example, this could allow you to see how many pages a given card is associated with, what dataset it's connected to, a count of users that have access, etc.

  • @RosanneBroersma and @michael-masone thanks for your feedback! Its been a while but we have been listening to you! We're currently working on developing these right now. Thanks!

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