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Hi, I would like to have live chat tech support.  I realize there is a support handle in buzz, but there are not live agents that can answer quick questions.  I know I can call and email in, but sometimes it is not worth the effort for a quick question.  Typically chat agents can also field multiple users at once, so it is more productive then phone calls.





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  • @jstan

    Thanks for your suggestion here. I am sharing this with the Management team overseeing support.





  •  Hi, Josh.


    This is a great idea. You aren't alone in your feelings. I've heard this same feedback from a number of other customers as well.


    I'm in the process of reviewing options that would allow us to deliver a chat-based support experience to customers who have either a Premium or Premium+ support package. As you can imagine, we have a lot to think about including technology considerations, staffing, and training. We're still early in the process, but I hope to begin beta-testing something before the end of the year.


    Jack Reid

    VP, Global Support

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