Color rules based on today's date instead of a static date


I need to highlight all the rows in my table card based on a date field if it is less than or equal to "today". How can I do this instead of setting a fixed date in the condition?


Thanks in advanvce for your help!!

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  • shummer
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    Gotcha Sridhar,


    I think the best solution would be to use a combination of a beastmode and the color rules on a table card.


    1. Create a beastmode that works as a flag for current date. It will look like this:

    when `date_column` = CURDATE() then 'color me'

    2. You can then add this beast mode to your table, and create a color rule using the chart properties. It might look like something in the screenshot 


  • Hi Sridhar,


    If I understand your question correctly, something like this in a beastmode might work:



    when `date` <= CURDATE()
    then CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#bbe491; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#">', `date`, '</a></div>')

    Is that what you're looking for?


  • Thanks for the solution Shummer. In fact, I want to highlight the entire row (7-8 columns) based on the "date"  column value for that row. So if there are 100 records and 10 of them have a date field which is less than or equal to today, I want to highlight those 10 rows.



  • I used the code as you explained with slight modification as below:

    when `pos_target_date` <= CURDATE() then 'color red'


    Then, I was able to see the option in Color rules as well, but I don't see any rows that meets the criteria being highlited :(

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