Linked Columns to Improve Filters

Hi Dojo,I have an idea to have 'merged filters' similar to other BI tools; the idea is as follows:Problem:

      Given X different datasets of different types (Data Fusion, etc.) with a common column 'Channel'Given a page with Y cards from these X different datasets.I want to create


      channel filters for all the Channel columns on the X datasets.

Currently, I would need to create X different filters; and to update such filters it would take X different changes to the filters.Solution:

      On the datacenter there would be a new panel called 'Column Links': Every column link is be given a name.Every column link selects 2 or more datasets, and for every 2 datasets, you must specifiy a join.This is


    similar to the way a data fusion looks. However, in contrast to a data fusion, datasets are not joined and materialized.

For example, In the problem above. We would create a column linked called 'channel' which selects/joins/links the 'Channel' column from the X datasets.

On the page, you can select a column link to filter on; and thus there would only be one filter.



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