Saving "Favorite"/"Common" Sets of Page Filters

I have created a dashboard that has a very wide array of different Page Filters that allow our Sales Managers to slice the data several different ways. While Save Filters to Page allows for one set of filters to be saved, there are often SEVERAL different ways the Sales Managers need to look at the data on a regular basis. This requires them to constantly clear and reset each of the numerous page filters over and over again. It would be nice if there were a way to Save and name your commonly used sets of Page Filters so that you can easily reapply a set with only 1 or 2 clicks as opposed to having to clear and reset each individual filter. Thanks!

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  • Completely agree!  Having the ability to "Save Filters As" and name the saved filters would be a HUGE improvement.  I would definetely want to provide pre-built saved filters as well.  That way users could then select from a list of filters the page designer put in place (allow capability to set one as default as well).  Custom/user specific saved filters make perfect sense - many users ask me "can I save different versions of my filters?" on a regular basis.


    If I can help define this one, please let me know!

  • Hi all - we are close to releasing a beta version of filters that will allow you to create and save combinations of filters + values into any number of personalized filter views that can be shared on the page. This will give you considerably more flexibility when creating and saving your filters, as well as give you a way to surface important aspects of the data to other people. If you are interested in joining the beta, please use this link to sign up.

  • See comment below from @Millhouse Thanks!

  • Awesome! Just signed up for this!!! Thanks!


    Rumor also has it there will be a Scheduled Reports w/ Attachments Beta in the near future as well? Is there a link yet to sign up for that one as well???

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